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If you missed the big announcement last week, we’re letting you know here: 


We’re talking a new, BIGGER location meaning better selection, better parking and an improved all-around experience for our customers. Exciting, right? We’re over the moon!

Like most good things, we worked hard for this and thought it’d be fun to give you the WHOLE story behind this epic move. 

The Move -  Backstory

Fourteen years ago, as a novice entrepreneur, I wrote a business plan for Shanty Boutique. In it, I identified my five-year goal. Without question it was growth. I wanted to grow enough to have the need for a larger space so I could expand in all categories and offer customers more selection.  

Well, at the five year mark, we certainly needed more space … but truly, we didn’t know where to go.  Should we build on our existing shop (which we loved)? Or should we move to Newport’s downtown area to be part of that area’s rejuvenation? We had many, many things to consider including one-way streets and traffic flow to the lakes/rivers. I am an overthinker (it’s just what I do), which made all of these decisions that much harder.

So we waited. Over the years, a few buildings piqued our interest, but the timing never was right. Then when the timing was right, nothing was available. My requirements were specific and non-negotiable. We needed a place with good bones, lots of space, a corner location and ample parking. 

Then came Jackson. 

Last year, a building on 137 Washington became available. We call her Jackson because she was the home to Jackson Motors a very long time ago! If I am honest, at first glance I thought no way! I just couldn’t see past that dang ugly awning.  But when I looked at it again with fresh eyes, I saw it all. I felt like my vision was coming to life. A brick corner building with SO many windows. My head spins thinking of all the displays I can create.  

Now let’s talk size. We were desperate for space. Right now we are split between two buildings, which is doable but not ideal. Shanty is about 800 sq ft (retail space). The Shannex (our building next door that’s an office, backstock and photo area) is also 800 sq ft.  The Jackson space you guys….is 2,400 sq ft PLUS 2,400 sq ft of warehouse! That blows me away. Don’t worry - we’re still all about creating a quaint and cozy environment, but we can also do a lot more with some extra room to move!  

    What areas in Shanty will grow? The short answer is all of them. For 14 years, I’ve known what you guys have wanted, but I’ve never had the space to make it happen. I’m excited to bring you MORE Kids. MORE Mens. MORE Gifts.  MORE Stationary. MORE Home Decor. MORE Home Fragrance. MORE CLOTHES! MORE SIZES!

    Other things that make us so excited!? 3 dressing rooms with good lighting and mirrors. A checkout area that more than one butt can fit behind ( the teams favorite I think) that will have 2 registers. Ching Ching!

    On to other major selling points: the corner location and parking. We wanted a corner location because it tends to have more store frontage and also more parking.  We really hit the jackpot for parking. If you don’t find a place right out front - not to worry! Shanty customers will have an ENTIRE PARKING lot devoted to them! 

     **LAKE/RIVER friends that pass through and have a limited time to shop (usually because you have someone “patiently” waiting in the car, or you’re hauling a boat or trailer) - we thought of you! You no longer have to beg anyone to make this stop because we’ll have ALL THE PARKING  for you! I’ve heard so much feedback on this, and it makes me deliriously happy that our move means we can offer this to you!

    Buying Jackson was quite a long process. We purchased it as we were selling our 2.700 sq ft home and moving into an 800 sq ft lake cabin. The extra space in the warehouse was a godsend!  Needless to say, we’ve been BUSY. 

    In January, we decided that 2022 would be the year for Shantys big move. I’ve been wanting to scream it from the rooftops, but I knew you’d all have a lot of questions and I didn’t have a lot of answers at the time. Once we calculated our construction, supplies and shipping timelines, we finally had a ballpark of when we’d be ready to officially move. That’s how we came up with our FALL 2022 Grand Opening. We’re shooting for October - stay tuned!  


    I also knew you'd want to know what would become of the current Shanty and Shannex buildings. I still don’t have the answers to that one. We may sell or we may lease/rent. Of course, I have business ideas, but David says I can’t take on anything else …ha!  I feel like this part will work itself out when the time comes. Send me an email if you have an idea or an offer. Who knows:)

    So there it is! The details behind our big news. I was so nervous! I knew you guys would be excited, and I also knew there would be some bittersweet feelings. Believe me, I feel them too.  I’ll have a more sappy post about it as the time gets closer for sure. For now we are just super excited! It finally feels real! 

    We are thrilled and thankful to have you follow this ride with us on social media. We’re definitely going to solicit your opinions and advice when making some key decisions. 

    Keep an eye on our "WE ARE MOVING" highlights on social. The closer we get the more there will be. 

    Stay tuned guys! We love you!!

    Maggie Christie
    Maggie Christie

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