We’re curating head-to-toe outfits for kids in need from elementary school to high school. We’re talking clothes, shoes and accessories that deserving kids in our community will LOVE wearing.

Here’s where you come in. We’re asking that you grab that “giveaway” pile and give us your bests. Think anything you can imagine your daughter, son or loved one wanting to wear. We’ll happily take your donations and turn them into to-die-for outfits that will make any kid’s day. 

Drop off your clothing, shoes and accessories to Shanty by 12.11.

Sizes can range from XS-XL

Please make sure your donations are ‘lightly used’ so that our recipients can get the most wear out of them 

We’ll also have a donation jar at the counter to help buy any items still needed.

BEGINS: Dec 1st | ENDS: Dec 11th | DELIVERY: Week of the 14th

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